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>Computer thief caught by nerd

>Lesson: Don’t steal a computer from a computer nerd. The victim who’s Mac was stolen was able to remotely access the hard drive. He found this video the thief made of himself dancing like a jackass. It’s now posted all … Continue reading

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>The male version of Brandi

>For those of you who listen to the show… this isn’t that bad. Bahbahleydah!!!

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>RIP Liz Taylor


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>Pole Dancing for Jesus

>Yep… she’s serious. Put on your best clear heels and praise the lord!

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>Russian "How I Met Your Mother" Remake

>This is an actual commercial for the Russian version of “How I Met Your Mother”. I think they did a pretty good job copying the sets and picking actors that kind of look like their American couterparts! I only wish … Continue reading

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>Footage of Knute the Bear’s death

>You’ve probably heard about the Polar Bear in Germany that died. Knute was abandoned by his parents and raised by zoo keepers. The bear was beloved by Germans and suddenly died over the weekend. Here’s footage of Knute’s death taken … Continue reading

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>Photo of the week

>I know it’s only Monday… but this is clearly the photo of the week:

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