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>Amazing tricks with construction equipment

>At first I thought this guy was an idiot… but now I realize that he’s a genius! Advertisements

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>Computer thief caught by nerd

>Lesson: Don’t steal a computer from a computer nerd. The victim who’s Mac was stolen was able to remotely access the hard drive. He found this video the thief made of himself dancing like a jackass. It’s now posted all … Continue reading

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>Pole Dancing for Jesus

>Yep… she’s serious. Put on your best clear heels and praise the lord!

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>Photo of the week

>I know it’s only Monday… but this is clearly the photo of the week:

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>Sealed bottle in a microwave goes boom

>Do NOT try this at home.

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>Larry Kudlow from CNBC is a piece of S#!%

>Kudlow on the Tsunami in Japan: “The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that.” Nice.

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>Acapella Heaven

>I dare you to listen all the way through.

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