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>Coachella dancing robots!

>From Coachella this weekend: Cage the Elephant is on stage? Screw that, we’re watching dancing robots! Advertisements

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>Little girl joins the dark side

>The Force is strong with this one…

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>Amazing goo scooper

>I love the future… How the hell does this work?

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>Computer thief caught by nerd

>Lesson: Don’t steal a computer from a computer nerd. The victim who’s Mac was stolen was able to remotely access the hard drive. He found this video the thief made of himself dancing like a jackass. It’s now posted all … Continue reading

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>Super Moon photos

>Did you see Super Moon on Saturday night? If you were inside watching the NCAA tournament and missed it, here’s a slide show of some pretty nifty photos.

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>Dead Island video game trailer

>Dead Island is finally coming out. If the trailer is any indication, this game is going to be epic…

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>Verizon iPhone launch FAIL

>Uh… everyone already bought one online. But thanks for the enthusiasm.

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