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>I’m still on vacation

> I’m sitting here relaxing before dinner and thought I’d check in and let everyone know I’m still alive. I won’t go into detail about the 80 degree weather, the amazing beers and food or the massage I got today … Continue reading

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>Boris returns on February 2nd

>I’ll be taking a few days off to visit my Brother. I try to visit him once a year. The fact that he lives less than a mile away from Disney World in Orlando makes January the perfect time for … Continue reading

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>Oscar nominations just came in…

> I don’t go to the movies as much as I should. My attention span is too short to sit in the theater for 2 hours. For those of you who do enjoy going to a good movie… here are … Continue reading

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>Lost is back – and AWESOME!

>Hurley throws a hot pocket at Ben, Frogurt gets a flaming arrow to the chest and Faraday seems to be the key to everyone’s survival! I’m still processing everything that happened last night. What I do know is that Lost … Continue reading

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>Does farting turn you on?

>People have some strange fetishes. Over the years we’ve reported on everything from balloon porn to guys who get off on dressing up in animal costumes. I thought I’ve heard about everything. That is… until someone sent me this: (Possibly … Continue reading

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>Video of the day

>A cat on a subwoofer:

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>Lost is back tonight! Catch up in 4 minutes

>I found this online today. A Lost fan has done a pretty good job of summing up the entire 4th season in just about 4 minutes. If you’re planning on watching the premiere tonight with someone who’s really into the … Continue reading

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