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>Bacon is good for me!

>If you don’t watch “Wife Swap” you’re missing out on my idea of a rockin’ Friday night. Grab a couple of cold ones, prop yourself up on the couch and bask in the glory of the most awesome kid in … Continue reading

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>The most boring town in the country

>Everyone is coming out to see the amazing standing broom! It’s called “balance”, idiots!

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>Caption Contest!

> Jon Gosselin held a pool party this weekend for a few thousand of his closest friends: “Bitches and ho’s and loads of child support, Yo!” Post your caption in the comments section below

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>Hot lemon on lime action

>Candy maker, Haribo, has been battling a man’s complaint about their new product, Maoam.Simon Simpkins from England wrote to outline his disgust about the packaging, claiming the lemon and lime looked like they were “locked in a carnal encounter”. So … Continue reading

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>Fatty-Fat Friday!

>Who wants to watch a bull ride?

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>People of Wal-Mart

> This website just started up, but I think it has lots of promise. It’s a stunning collection of submitted photos of people who shop at Wal-Mart. Don’t forget your camera when you go shopping this weekend!

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>The Seinfeld Reunion is coming!

>I know I’ve mentioned how excited I am for the Seinfeld reunion on this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm… But after reading this article in the latest Entertainment Weekly I can barely contain myself. How cool is it that the … Continue reading

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