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>Aircheck: Tabernacker Kwiiiire

>For those of you who requested audio on our Lame Ass Trivia winner from yesterday: Advertisements

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>This shake = 68 slices of bacon!

>Men’s Health magazine is out with their list of the worst beverages in America. Topping the list is the Cold Stone Creamery’s PB&C shake. In “Gotta Have It” size it’s got 2,010 calories – 10 calories more than the recommended … Continue reading

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>Fatty-Fat Friday: American Idol edition

>I don’t know what’s more disturbing in this video: Mom’s unnecessary reaction to Bowersox losing American Idol, or her naked husband lying on the couch telling her “I told ya!”. Actually, the whole thing’s pretty disturbing. I’m pretty sure that … Continue reading

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>Ozzy scares people… on purpose.

>How does Ozzy Osbourne spend his afternoons? Scaring people at a wax museum, of course. And he’s pretty good at it! **NSFW – Warning: video starts with one bad word and then it’s ok**

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>Bad-ass smoking baby

>Don’t hate on this 2-year-old kid just because he’s sooooo much cooler than you are: WTF is the deal with this kid? Here’s the full article

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>Kid rides escalator of death

>This kid grabbed onto the outside rail of the escalator and took off 8 feet above the ground at a Turkish mall. Luckily, one of the shopkeepers is a good catch!

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>TV reporter is ticketed live on the air

>If you listen closely, the reporter says that she paid for parking with the money that’s still in the news van… Uh, that’s why you’re getting a ticket, idiot!

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