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>Homemade solar death ray

>An old satellite dish and 5,000 mirrors can create a deadly ray gun! Deadly, that is, only if you’re two feet away and standing still for a while. Advertisements

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>What’s the Internet???

>Can you even imagine going back to a world before the web? Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble have no idea what the Internet is in 1994:

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>Brazil’s clumsiest thief

>Not surprisingly, he got caught just a few minutes after this video ends.

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>Fatty-Fat Friday!

>I’m off to see Spiderman on Broadway this weekend… Here’s hoping this guy isn’t the one dangling over me in that harness.

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>What was in the yogurt?

>This will make you think twice the next time you’re offered a free sample at the grocery store.

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>Brawl at the I-Hop

>This is even better than that riot at McDonald’s a few months back. Those coffee pots and syrup containers come in handy as weapons… **NSFW – some strong language**

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>Jimmy Buffett falls off the stage

>Jimmy Buffett took a pretty good spill onto a concrete floor… apparently he tripped on his flip-flop, stepped on a pop top… and then cracked his head open.

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