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>Chicks with Steve Busceme’s Eyes

>A few people sent me the link to this Tumblr containing photos of women with their eyes replaced by Steve Busceme’s. Not sure why… but click on Taylor Swiftbusceme for the link. Advertisements

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>Gilbert Gottfried was fired for these tweets

> Gilbert Gottfried lost his job as the AFLAC duck yesterday because of the jokes he made about the Japanese Tsunami on Twitter. Were the jokes really that insensitive? Yeah, they were. But you can decide for yourself if they … Continue reading

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>Listener Submission: The Cup Size Choir

>Thanks to listener, Rocco, for sending this one in. It’s a virtual keyboard that you can play on your computer… The cool part? Each key is a different lovely lady dressed in lingere singing each note.

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>Fatty-Fat Friday!

>A company that specializes in extremely large panties for obese women has made its largest size yet–a whopper size 74 for 105 inch waistlines. It’s the largest size ever sold! Size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL fits 8.75 ft. around for women who weigh … Continue reading

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>Photos from the WRRV Boo Ball

>WOW! What an amazing night at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. If you weren’t there, these 350 or so pictures don’t even begin to do it justice. See you next year!

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>The 24 hour live Coco Cam is on

>A live cam has been set up at The Conan O’Brien Show’s new offices at TBS. So far you’ve missed a dancing taco, Labamba trying to solve a puzzle, Jazzercise and interns wrapping each other in toilet paper and cowboys … Continue reading

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>Mount Everest sucks

> Well, at least according to the internet it does. Check out these terrible (and hilarious) reviews of Mt. Everest that people have submitted to Google. Link

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