>Help WRRV stay in business!

>This morning I was talking about the tax congress is threatening to levy on local radio stations. This tax is basically a bailout to the record companies that could cripple live and local radio. Stations like WRRV would be charged thousands of dollars for the music we supply free of charge to the listeners. If passed, this tax would cause us to eliminate local jobs and virtually erase our ability to play a variety of new and local music on the airwaves.

Please show your support for WRRV by visiting noperformancetax.org

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3 Responses to >Help WRRV stay in business!

  1. kevin says:

    >i would not know any of the bands i like if it wasent for free radio broadcasts.and if this preformance tax goes through i wont be able to hear new music .good local bands wont get air time there not rich they cant afford to pay to have there songs on the air.if it wasent for radio stations like wrrv bands such as coheed and cambria would have only been heard on stage .people all around the world know who they are why free broadcast radio.they had a chance to play there music on radio stations for free .and some agent was listing to free broadcast raido heard thry were good sighned them to a contract.and make a ton of money off there music not just coheed all other band that made it big because radio stations gave them a chance they figured what could it hert it dosent cost anything to play there cd .radio station help the music world reach other people. some like what they hear some dont so they serch the radio for the music they do like .well with this performance tax that wont be possible so im against the tax it will kill local bands chances of haveing ther music heard. and big name bands new songs.i dont want to pay to hear something i might not like .thats all i have to say

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I am really starting to get PISSED OFF with this taxing BS!!!!! Patterson just got rid of STAR and may now withhold our income tax refunds? Now radio taxes? ENOUGH!

  3. Anonymous says:

    >If the tax revenue is truly going to the record companies as the website claims, then the tax should be considered illegal. Tax revenue is supposed to go for public projects (road, schools, etc.) not to private companies.

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