>Demi Moore Photoshop-gate continues

>Remember last week when I pointed out the horrific Photoshop job that was done to Demi Moore’s photo on the cover of W Magazine? If you look not-even-so-closely, you can clearly see that an entire chunk of her hip has disappeared:
Well, someone has found a photo of 26-year-old model, Angela Rubik, that looks amazingly like 49-year-old Demi Moore’s body on the cover of W:

Here’s what happens when you superimpose the photos on top of each other:

It’s pretty clear that they popped Demi’s head on someone else’s body. I guess 49 is too old and saggy for the cover of a magazine. Now, if you’re gonna put some old lady’s head on top of a hot, young chick’s body why would you even have to do more airbrushing? If they didn’t do such a crapy job we probably wouldn’t have ever noticed. Idiots.

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