>This morning’s "Waffle-Off"

Mike from Simply Gourmet stopped in this morning to accept Brandi’s waffle challenge. While on the WRRV Cruise-A-Palooza this weekend, Brandi boasted that she could out-waffle Mike.

While Brandi’s waffles are amazing… there’s just no way she can compete with a CIA trained chef of Mike’s status. Freshly whipped cream, strawberries marinated in Belgian beer…
I mean come on!!!

After carefully tasting both waffles I decided hands-down that Mike was the winner. The best part is that Brandi is so competitive that she’ll be baking for months now to make up for this defeat. Hey, any time Brandi and Mike want to battle it out I’ll be more than happy to be the taste tester!

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1 Response to >This morning’s "Waffle-Off"

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Come on…say it with me: BUTTER IN EVERY HOLE! Man, now I really want waffles.

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