>Birdfeeder 3.5 – Raccoon Proof!

>Yesterday I spent some time adding extra raccoon security to my already deer and squirrel-proof bird feeder. There were lots of suggestions from the listeners, and a few messages of concern whether I was going to take the animals’ welfare into account. I don’t want to actually harm any animals so I researched safe and effective ways to keep Raccoons away.

Apparently, putting Vaseline or grease on the pole was the number one suggestion of humane ways to keep the raccoons away. However, I learned that this is actually the most dangerous thing you can do. Birds, squirrels and raccoons that get grease on their fur or feathers can succumb to infection. This can cause them to be weakened so much that they actually get preyed on by other animals. The following methods were all suggested by the animal control divisions of various states.

1: Make it hard to climb
The first 4 feet is now covered with metal flashing. Raccoons supposedly can’t climb if they don’t have anything to dig their claws into. This is the suggested method for thwarting a raccoon from making his way up the feeder pole.

2: Make climbing uncomfortable
Now, if the slippery metal doesn’t stop the Raccoon, the top of the post is covered in carpeting tack strips. They have tiny tacks sticking out that will poke the raccoon and scare him away. This mimics what a cactus or rose bush would do.

3: Added security for flying raccoons
Finally, the top two corners of the feeder pole are now also covered with tack strips. This is just in case any animals decide to take the long leap from the trees onto the pole. I left the top of the pole clear so the birds are still able to perch there.

So far so good, no raccoons last night!

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3 Responses to >Birdfeeder 3.5 – Raccoon Proof!

  1. Gabriel says:

    >dude that's awsome! lol a bit on the over kill side but cool

  2. Jonathan says:

    >This structure has been officially nominated to appear on the cable show "Life after Humans."

  3. Anonymous says:

    >wow! how awful does that look in your backyard!?

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