>Let the 8 ball answer your emails

>Here’s a great way to piss off your friends… answer their emails using only the phrase given to you by the Magic 8 Ball. This dude did just that, and the response from his friends is pretty funny.

I may try this today because I actually have a Magic 8 Ball on my desk. Someone gave it to me a few years ago, and I thought it would make me look retro and cool if I put it on display. It would make people think: “Hey, this Boris guy has a desk, but he also knows how to have fun. Do you think he actually uses the 8 Ball to decide things that are important? How outrageous! He’s young AND fun!”. Did it work? Hell, let’s ask the 8 Ball…

I figured as much… Guess I should lose the Rubik’s Cube too. Link

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