>Divorce Calculator

>We talked about this on the air today. There’s a website that claims to know your chance of getting a divorce just by asking a handful of questions. According to the site, I’m doomed:
I would assume that just going to a website and taking a test to see if you’re going to get divorced is a pretty good sign that your marriage isn’t all that stable to begin with.

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2 Responses to >Divorce Calculator

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Why can’t I link to the page? This blog stuff sucks. I want the old page back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Who would really like to know that..i mean if you’ve just been married (like I will be next year) who would want to think “Yeah we have a 35% chance of being divorced so I shouldn’t try so hard with this relationship” My fiancee and I have been together 6 yrs and are planning on being 90++ before we part ways.

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